Project Capitalization

BGG Project Capitalization represents the BGG Team in Global Capital and Securities markets for purposes of providing flexibility for Funding to Government entities and Developing Countries. BGG seeks out to be creative in arranging funding for credit worthy Developments, Infrastructure and BOT projects worldwide by utilizing government support and/or credit enhancement thereby ensuring creditworthiness to Institutional Investors. BGG’s ability to create the funding mechanisms in conjunction with BGG’s operations in “Construction” and “Engineering and Development” gives BGG a unique ability to enhance and deliver challenging Projects.
The Team at BGG Project Capitalization is lead by Wayne Gerl, President of BGG with over 50 years of diverse national and international experience in negotiating and structuring credit within the Capital markets.

Included in the BGG Project Capitalization Team are;

Richard Wagner, a financial advisor for many Governments and involved in various Projects related to Corporate structures involving structured Securities. Mr. Wagner has handled numerous Financing’s for Governmental and Corporate entities and provided flexible financing credit strategies. Mr Wagner is President of Southeastern Investment Securities, in business for over 40 years. He is a leader in municipal financing and capital improvement programs.

John Richter, a financial expert in the trade finance arena, brings worldwide experience to BGG. He is president of Richter International and has served as past Director and Sr. Vice President at Ex-Im (Export-Import) Bank. He was the “Regional Director for Africa” at Ex-Im Bank responsible for the planning and business operations in Africa. He also has served as the “Senior Vice President- Small Business” at Ex-Im Bank whereby he lead all Ex-Im Banks’ activities to identify and attract small business exporters. Prior to joining Ex-Im Bank, Mr. Richter was the Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East for the U.S. Trade and Development Agency.