Barclays Gedi Group Construction

Barclays Gedi Group (BGG) has implemented more than 226 projects internationally. Our projects are well diversified as global demand for development, infrastructure and energy efficiency increases. Our projects range from Housing/Commercial to Industrial Plants/Refineries to Roadway/Infrastructure and Energy to Institutional. BGG delivers the same level of commitment, expertise, and attention to detail to each project we undertake regardless of size or scale.


Shopping Malls

BGG and it affiliates have developed, operated, and manage shopping malls worldwide since the 1970s. Our experience is deep and we have mastered building and operating such structures efficiently and cost effectively.

Commercial Centers

BGG developed over 2,000,000 sq. ft. of office, warehouse, shopping centers, and shopping malls in southern Florida.

Cement Plants

BGG is acquiring key components of Cement Plant Manufacturing with key alliances of such well known and recognized conglomerates for turnkey cement plant construction in emerging economies across the globe. BGG specializes in Klinker and Portland cement products for export or sale in local markets.

Residential Properties

To date, BGG has built over 25,000 residential units, including single family, mid-rise, and high-rise buildings in the United States and in the Middle East. Among our significant projects were 14 luxury high-rise towers in the Middle East, where BGG owned both the land and the structures, selling units to individuals and investors.

Affordable Housing

BGG pioneered the field of quality, feature-rich living environments for families with low to moderate incomes, primarily in the Middle East and Africa. BGG developed a satellite city of 7,000 units in the Middle East, complete with shopping centers, schools, clinics and recreational facilities.


BGG’s portfolio of successful civil engineering projects includes roads, water and sewage pipelines, and infrastructure facilities across the United States.

Road/Bridge Building

BGG has decades of experience in building roads, highways and bridges for automobiles and railroads in eight American states as well as in the Middle East. BGG is self sufficient in that it can operate its own proprietary asphalt plants, thus making the entire operation more efficient.

Oil Refineries

BGG is acquiring key companies which build and finance oil refineries in the Middle East and other regions of the world.

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